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Coleco Adam CP/M Promotion Program

Do you have a Coleco Adam with just a Data Drive? Do you want to use it for more than just a few games or Smart Basic? If so then you should explore the world of CP/M! This operating system is available for the Adam computer along with literally tens of thousands of software programs.

To help promote the use of CP/M we are giving it away for free in a tape exchange program! To get a copy on tape all you need do is send us 2 working data tapes and a self addressed stamped envelope for the return postage and we will create a CP/M data tape for you containing all the distribution programs for the original CP/M for the Adam along with a copy of Mbasic – the most powerful basic interpreter for CP/M for basically free. The only payment we ask for is that extra tape you send.

So to get your free copy of CP/M on data tape just mail 2 working data tapes and a self address stamped envelope for the return of one tape to:
Retro System Rescue
c/o Spinningwebz Services
17 Elmbrook Country Court
Beaver Falls, PA 15010


If this tape exchange is successful we will expand it to include additional CP/M software.