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Coleco Adam Programming Tapes


These disks are made from images that are available on the internet and if you have the correct hardware and software you can recreate disks from them for use on your Adam computer – or you can order copies from us.

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Note: If you are the license holder of any of these tape images please contact us and we will remove it.

ADAM Basic v1.6 (198x) (ADAMagic)
Australian SmartBASIC v1.1 (198x) (Unknown)
Auto-AID for SmartBASIC v1.0 (1984) (FutureVision)
Auto-AID for SmartBASIC v2.0 (1984) (FutureVision)
AutoWriter (1987) (Mr. T Software)
BasicAIDE v2.0 (198x) (Mr. T Software)
Disassembler (198x) (Image MicroCorp)
Extended Basic Utilities (198x) (Extended Software)
GoDOS Basic Programs #01 – Disk #01 (1990) (Joe Quinn)
GoDOS Basic Programs #01 – Disk #02 (1990) (Joe Quinn)
GoDOS GFA – Disk#01 Boot (1990) (Rich Cossaboon)
GoDOS GFA – Disk#02 Data (1990) (Rich Cossaboon)
GoDOS v1.2 Demo – Disk #01 (1990) (Phoenix 2000)
GoDOS v1.2 Demo – Disk #02 (1990) (Phoenix 2000)
Intel-BEST v3.3 (1986) (Digital Express Inc.)
M.A.L. ADAM Programming Guide – Disk #01 (199x) (Maine ADAM Library)
M.A.L. ADAM Programming Guide – Disk #02 (199x) (Maine ADAM Library)
MacADAM (1984) (CBS Loisors – Coleco of France)
Mastering Music (1990) (Harrison Productuvity)
Mastering Music Samples (1990) (Harrison Productivity)
SmartBASIC 1.x Rev-20 (1991) (Rich Drushel Software)
SmartBASIC Construction Kit v1.1 (1989) (Graftex Software)
SmartBASIC v1.0 (1983) (Coleco)
SmartBASIC v1.0 (Disk Enhanced) (1983) (Coleco – M.M.S.G.)
SmartBASIC v1.0 – D.E.I. Patches (1986) (Digital Express Inc.)
SmartBASIC v1.0 with Parallel Printer Driver (198x) (Wayne Motel – N.I.A.D. Software)
SmartBASIC v2.0 (1984) (Coleco) (Prototype)
SmartBASIC v2.0 – 40 Column (1984) (Coleco – Gary Hoosier Software)
SmartBASIC v2.1 & Tools (1988) (Coleco – Sharon MacFarlane)
SmartBASIC+ v1.3 (198x) (Unknown)
SmartBASIC+ v1.79 (1987) (Sharon MacFarlane)
SmartBEST v1.0 (1985) (Data Doctor)
SmartLOGO (1984) (Coleco)
SmartLOGO with MemDsk (199x) (Hexace Software)
SubWork (1988) (Corleon Software Co.)
SuperBasic Plus (198x) (TCR Software)
SuperiorBASIC v3.0 (198x) (Superior Software)


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