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Coleco Adam Utility Tapes


These tapes are made from images that are available on the internet and if you have the correct hardware and software you can recreate tapes from them for use on your Adam computer – or you can order copies from us.

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Note: If you are the license holder of any of these images please contact us and we will remove it.

ADAM Diagnostic (1982) (Coleco)
ADAM Format Utility (198x) (In-House Service Reps)
ADAM Format Utility v2.1 (1990) (AJM Software)
ADAM’s ToolKit (199x) (Walters Software Co.)
ADAMem Tape Converter (1996) (Marcel de Kogel)
AutoBackup – AutoLoad (198x) (Walters Software Co.)
AutoBackup – AutoSave (198x) (Walters Software Co.)
Backup+ v2.0 (1985) (M.M.S.G.)
Backup+ v3.0 (1985) (M.M.S.G.)
Basic System Manager v1.0 (1986) (Practical Programs)
Basic System Manager v3.0 (1987) (Practical Programs)
Boot Pix Deluxe (1989) (M.O.A.U.G. – Digital Express Inc.)
Boot Pix Deluxe (199x) (M.A.L. – Digital Express Inc.)
Boot Shop v1.1, The (198x) (ADAMagic Software)
CodeVisor v4.1 (1985) (Marathon Computer Press)
Coleco Game Cartridge Copy (1984) (Coleco)
Coleco In-House Test Carts #01 (198x) (Coleco)
Coleco In-House Test Carts #02 (198x) (Coleco)
Coleco In-House Test Carts #03 (198x) (Coleco)
Coleco TapeUtl Rev. 22 (1985) (Coleco)
Collector, The (199x) (Hexace Software)
Convert (1985) (Sage Enterprises)
CopX (199x) (Hexace Software)
CopyCart+ v2.0 (1988) (M.M.S.G.)
CopyFast Utility v1.2 (198x) (Practical Programs)
CopyMaster v1.1 (1988) (ADAMagic Software)
CopyWriter & DriveWriter (198x) (Marathon Computer Press)
Data Copy (198x) (Glenn Gabarik)
Directory Sorter v1.0 (1991) (AJM Software)
Disk Doctor v1.4 (1987) (AJM Software)
Double Disk Formatter (1987) (Walters Software Co.)
Duplicator (198x) (ADAM’s Enterprise)
E.O.S. Disk Manager (1984) (Coleco)
EdiX (199x) (Hexace Software)
File Manager Transfer (1985) (Walters Software Co.)
File Manager v2.0 (1988) (AJM Software)
File Manager v2.1 (1988) (AJM Software)
File Manager v2.2 (1988) (AJM Software)
File Manager v3.0 (1992) (AJM Software)
File Manager v3.02 (HD or 1.44 Req) (199x) (AJM Software)
Guy’s E.O.S. Utilities v1.0 (1992) (AJM Software)
Hacker’s Guide to ADAM (1985) (Peter & Ben Hinkle)
Hurricane! (1988) (Intergalactic Software)
Intel-LOAD v1.0 (1986) (Digital Express Inc.)
Intel-LOAD v2.0 (1986) (Digital Express Inc.)
JKL Utilities (198x) (Overpriced Software)
KopyKat (1985) (Reedy Software)
Lotsa Copies (199x) (L&G Enterprises)
Master Menu with Wizard’s Program Aids, The (198x) (Unknown)
Media Helper v1.01 (1991) (Gary Hoosier Software)
Media-Aid Plus (1987) (Walters Software Co.)
MediaMATE (198x) (Ewing, Lymn & Cousineau)
MegaDISK v1.0 (1987) (Digital Express Inc.)
MemDsk for SmartLOGO (199x) (Hexace Software)
Multi-Loader v2.3 & Utilities (1989) (Practical Programs)
MultiCart Backup (198x) (Unknown)
MultiCart Backup v1.1b (1985) (Practical Programs)
One-Minute Formatter (198x) (Digital Express Inc.)
OpenFILER v3.0+ with OpenRECIPE (1988) (Acolyte Software)
Pack & Unpack (198x) (Digital Express Inc.)
PackCopy v1.0 (1984) (Sage Enterprises)
PackCopy v1.1 (1985) (Sage Enterprises)
PackCopy v1.2 (1985) (Sage Enterprises)
PDQ Copy (1987) (Orb1tware)
PDQ Directory Editor (1987) (Orb1tware)
PDQ Edit Utility v1.0 (1988) (Orb1tware)
Pi Writer (198x) (Unknown)
PrBOOT with Coleco Programs #01 (1988) (Walters Software Co.)
PrBOOT with Coleco Programs #02 (1988) (Walters Software Co.)
Pro Copy (198x) (ADAMTech)
Quickopy v1.0 (1986) (G.J.M.G. Enterprises)
Quickopy v1.1 (1986) (G.J.M.G. Enterprises)
Quickopy v4.0 (1987) (G.J.M.G. Enterprises)
Quickopy v5.0 (1987) (G.J.M.G. Enterprises)
RamBOOT (1988) (Walters Software Co.)
RAMDsk v1.0 (1986) (Walters Software Co.)
RAMDsk v1.1 (1987) (Walters Software Co.)
RAMTest – Rel 2.0 (1986) (Orphanware Business Systems)
SmartDSK I for SmartWRITER (1988) (Walters Software Co.)
SmartDSK III for SmartBASIC & Utilities (1988) (Walters Software Co.)
Software Backup v1.0 (1990) (GL Programs)
Speed Check v1.0 (1984) (Coleco)
Speed Check v2.0 (1984) (Coleco)
SuperCopy (198x) (ADAMware)
SuperMenu v1.0 (1987) (Silvagni Software)
Swift Label PrintShop – GrabFONT (1993) (Maine ADAM Library)
Swift Label PrintShop Fonts Converter (199x) (Swift Enterprises)
SwiftDISK (1988) (Digital Express Inc.)
TurboDISK v1.0 (1987) (Digital Express Inc.)
TurboLOAD v1.0 (1985) (Strategic Software Inc.)
Uncle Ernie’s Toolkit (1985) (Uncle Ernie’s Software)
Unreal Utilities (1986) (Sage Enterprises)
Walters Software ToolKit (1985) (Walters Software Co.)
Wizard Utilities, The (198x) (Overpriced Software)
XRAMpak I (1987) (Digital Express Inc.)


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