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Data Drive Index Wheel Repair



Have a Data Drive with a melted index wheel? We can repair it for you!


Product Description

The Coleco Adam Data Drive, though a wonder of engineering has a flaw that can cause the index wheel to over heat and eventually melt. You can repair this yourself, we even have a video with the steps to do it on YouTube, or you can send it to us and we can repair and test it for you!

When you purchase this repair, print out the work order you receive and send us the drive (instructions on removing the drive are in the work order). Once we receive the drive we will repair it and send it back to you within 3 business days*. You are responsible for shipping the drive to us, return shipping is included in the order.

After you complete your purchase click on “My Account” above and select your downloads to print a copy of the work order. Detailed instructions are on the work order.

*The repair is for a melted index wheel, cleaning and testing and does not cover other problems that the may be discovered after the wheel has been repaired and the drive tested.


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