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rCAP (Replacement Coleco Adam Power supply)



The Coleco Adam is a fantastic computer but one of its short comings was the fact that Coleco put the power supply inside of the large printer that came with the system. These meant that to use the Adam you had to also have the printer plugged in. In the past a number of replacement power supplies have been made and sold to remedy this problem. From the simplest solution of just removing the power supply from a printer and using it to custom power supplies that looked like they would have come off the Coleco assembly line. Unfortunately these custom power supplies are no longer available until now.

Retro System Rescue is proud to announce the rCAP. The rCAP (replacement Coleco Adam Power supply) is new power supply that eliminates the need for the printer but will also allow you to use the printer if you still wish to. rCAP is the perfect upgrade for your Coleco Adam or Colecovision Expansion Module #3!

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Product Description


  • Based on a proven 45W power supply (data sheet: Mean Well RQ-50B)
  • Can be used with with 110 – 240 volts AC, 50hz and 60hz, automatically switches
  • Printer pass through isolates the printers power supply and data lines allowing you to use with the printer (or without)
  • Front facing power switch
  • Runs silently, no fans, average temperature 90° F under load with 2 digital drives running
  • Custom color to match the Coleco Adam
  • Expansion Module #3 users can also use this to power their Colecovision (instructions included, click here to view, Colecovision power cable NOT included)

The rCAP comes complete with a custom power cable to plug into the Adam and an adapter to plug the printer into. You will need to supply your own PC style power cable to plug into the wall socket.


The rCAPs are assembled locally in Beaver Falls PA. To keep the price reasonable we order parts every week . The turn around time from the date of your order till it ships should be no longer than 3 weeks. If it is longer you will be informed via email.


Shipping in the US is $12.95 per rCAP plus $1 handling per order.

Shipping to Canada is $22.95 per rCAP plus $1 handling per order.

Shipping to all other countries is $29.95 per rCAP plus $1 handling per order.

If you are looking for a permanent upgrade for your Adam check out the internal power supply upgrade!


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